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October 8, 2008
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December 3, 2008

Intuit has released the new version of QuickBooks 2009 with added features and functions.  This version maintains the same structure and format as the QuickBooks 2008 version; so all of the QuickBooks 2008 fans need not worry.  Instead of re-creating the program, Inuit simply added new, interesting features.  Our favorite features include:

  • Multiple Currencies: Enter invoices, bills, checks, or deposits in foreign currencies.  QuickBooks downloads the latest exchange rates and displays your date in real time home currency.
  • Company Snapshot: Hate running  3 different reports (accounts payable AND accounts receivable AND profit & loss report) to gauge your business?  With the company snapshot, you can see all this information in one picture.
  • QuickFilter:  Filter your customer or vendor lists for key words in the address or information.

These are a few of the new features of QuickBooks.  To see more new features, call our office or visit the website below.


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