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AOL-Money & Finance has a nice little quiz to query your knowledge of tax deductions. You might be surprised at some of them. For even better help with maximizing your deductions and minimizing your taxable income, call the experts at Denny & Company, LLP. We make life less taxing.

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In a recent article on MSN Money, Jeff Schnepper lists ten common tax mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. One really good way to avoid them, and relieve the stress of preparing your taxes, is to have Denny & Company, LLP, prepare your taxes for you. His top ten list: 1. Claiming the […]

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There’s an interesting (and in my opinion very thoughtful) take on the question of whether you should bail out of the stock market at Motley Fool. For more information on how you should proceed in these turbulent economic times (or are they?) give us a call.

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Let’s say it’s getting on April. You’ve finished your return, and you’re still in shock. You made a lot of money and paid a lot of bills. But now you’re looking at a tax bill that you just can’t afford to pay. Check out the rest of this informative article. And remember, Denny & Company, […]

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In an effort to boost the U.S. economy, Congress passed the Economic Stimulus Package Act of 2008 on February 7. The legislation will provide tax rebate checks to about 130 million households, starting sometime in May. The package also contains business tax incentives and help for distressed homeowners. Here are the major provisions in the […]

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Here’s a great article on common deductions that taxpayers miss when filing their tax returns. Luckily, if you’re a client of Denny & Company, LLP, you haven’t been missing them. And there are many others, as well, that are commonly overlooked.

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Occasionally, our clients find old Series EE bonds in their firesafe. To find out how much your government paper bonds are worth, the Treasury Department provides this simple-to-use calculator.

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An interesting perspective of what it takes to become wealthy, from

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Be aware of what your mortgage broker may be getting you into with that “too good to be true” mortgage deal: The increased reliance by both financial institutions and non-financial institution lenders on third-party brokers has created opportunities for organized fraud groups, particularly where mortgage industry professionals are involved. Combating significant fraud in this area […]

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From New E-Mail and Phone Scams Use IRS Name Washington, D.C. (Jan. 31, 2008) By WebCPA Staff The Internal Revenue Service warned taxpayers to beware of several current e-mail and telephone scams that use the IRS name as a lure. The goal of the scams is to trick people into revealing personal and financial […]

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