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Our Quickbooks and Excel seminar on June 12th was totally sold out (so to speak, since it was free) so we’ve decided to do it again to accommodate the folks who couldn’t get in last time. This time, we’ll be talking about Quickbooks exclusively, so that you can a solid overview of the fastest growing […]

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Times are tough, and like everyone else, you are trying to save more and spend less. The problem is, you’ve tried that before, only to see your spending inevitably drift back up. So here’s a radical proposal: Stop using credit cards.

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Homeowners often don’t take time to reassess home-insurance coverage when it’s time to pay the premium. But with many Americans looking for ways to save a buck these days, examining that paperwork could pay off.While raising the deductible is often an easy way to reduce premium costs, it isn’t the only way. Discounts in the […]

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Are you new to using Quickbooks, or curious about how it can help you organize your business finances? Are you confused by Microsoft Excel or just need to learn more about this powerful software? Denny & Company, LLP, and A BrightStar Consulting are offering a free, three hour seminar at our offices in Valencia on […]

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