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… but the State of California is serious about collecting their due — here’s a little salacious gossip: Rap singer and actor Snoop Dogg is facing a tax lien from the State of California, along with assault charges. His real name, Calvin Broadus Jr., shows up on a list of California tax scofflaws, alongside the […]

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If you do business in the City of Los Angeles, and have either not filed or under-reported on your business taxes, you have until the end of July to correct the situation and avoid up to 40% penalties — More details here.

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Make sure you adjust your withholding on the state level if you’re a Californian — otherwise, your withholding may not reflect changes in the law, and you could end up owing more money to the state at the end of the year. More information

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The US Supreme Court made it even harder to prove age discrimination in employment cases. See More

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June 2009 – The Enterprise Zone (EZ) tax incentive program was created in 1986 to help local businesses, and encourage outside businesses to locate in economically depressed areas. The federal government does not have a comparable economic development program or business tax incentives. The FTB has a useful primer on California’s Enterprise Zones here…

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According to the Wall Street Journal: If you’ve been in the habit of shopping around for a new term-life insurance policy every few years, you may want to reconsider that strategy: After years of falling premiums, many insurers are raising prices on term policies. Read more here…

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