April 15th has come and gone.  Did you miss this tax deadline?  You may now be faced with interest and penalties for tax due.

The failure-to-file penalty is 5 percent per month, or part of a month, of the balance due, up to a maximum of 25 percent. If the tax return is more than 60 days late, the minimum penalty is $135 or the balance due, whichever is less.

If you owe taxes on your return, it will save you money to file as soon as possible. 

Please contact our office to assist you in filing your tax return.

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Once again, we have come across another tax scam.  These scammers are mailing forms that resemble California Property Tax assessment notices to California homeowners claiming they can perform re-assessments to reduce your property tax for hundreds of dollars in fees.  Do not be fooled as these companies are not government agencies.


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Due to popular demand, we are hosting another FREE QuickBooks training seminar.  Are you a new user of QuickBooks?  Do you need help with your bookkeeping?  Do you stress every year when it comes tax time to get your books in order?  This seminar is for you.  Topics we will cover:

  • Registers
  • Reconciling
  • Invoicing
  • Receiving payments
  • Deposits
  • and more!

Denny & Company, LLP is offering a free, three hour seminar at our offices in Valencia on January 21st, 2009, from 9am – 12pm. Hosted by our very own Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. 

Please contact Lisa Starr at our office to reserve your spot – 661-286-8860

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When faced with the question of whether or not to outsource payroll, more businesses are learning the benefits of outsourcing.  Our clients have found the advantage when we (or another vendor) prepare their payroll for the following reasons:

(1) Save time – Payroll is more than just writing a paycheck.  It includes calculating net pay, preparing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, filing the W2’s and assisting owners &/or employees with questions.

(2) Prevent penalties & interest – Complying with the tax laws and employment regulations can be difficult and easily overlooked.  It is unreasonable to expect an employee of a business to keep up on tax codes and still have time to perform their normal duties.

(3) Avoid pain & free up time – The time and pain we save our clients to prepare payroll far outweighs the costs.  Business owners free up their time and energy to run their business.

For more reasons to why you may benefit from outsourcing payroll, read “8 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll” Here. PLEASE NOTE — this is not an endorsement of the firm in question, merely a reference to their article. For a referral to a good local payroll service, give us a call!

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Intuit has released the new version of QuickBooks 2009 with added features and functions.  This version maintains the same structure and format as the QuickBooks 2008 version; so all of the QuickBooks 2008 fans need not worry.  Instead of re-creating the program, Inuit simply added new, interesting features.  Our favorite features include:

  • Multiple Currencies: Enter invoices, bills, checks, or deposits in foreign currencies.  QuickBooks downloads the latest exchange rates and displays your date in real time home currency.
  • Company Snapshot: Hate running  3 different reports (accounts payable AND accounts receivable AND profit & loss report) to gauge your business?  With the company snapshot, you can see all this information in one picture.
  • QuickFilter:  Filter your customer or vendor lists for key words in the address or information.

These are a few of the new features of QuickBooks.  To see more new features, call our office or visit the website below.


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