July 19, 2007

Real Estate Seminars — Should you try them?

Before you attend an expensive “real estate seminar”, you’d do well to read this article. I know it’s dated, but it still applies. Especially now, with […]
October 5, 2007

Mortgage fraud is serious business

Check this recent story out — it explains one of the most common tricks that buyers and sellers fall into when it comes to mortgage malfeasance.
October 29, 2007

How long should you keep documents?

DOCUMENT RETENTION GUIDELINES Record retention is a must, whether for personal, business, or tax reasons. However, record retention is necessary only to the extent it serves […]
January 18, 2008

Credit agencies are selling your information

It’s reported that the larger public credit reporting agencies are collecting data on new credit inquiries, and selling that data to other credit vendors as “trigger […]